Outstanding customer service


Ron Davis #19


I cannot say enough good about Ron Davis #19. Excellent service, very courteous and showed up on time. Was very pleased.


Ron Davis #19 picked up my car today and delivered it to Ford. He was courteous, very clean, and treated my car as it was his own. I discovered a broken belt and he told me he would inform when he would drop it off and he did. Then he called me to let me know the car had been delivered.


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Been towed by them several times (I own a Ford) and each time they surprise me. With their timeliness, skill, and customer service. They've always been polite and make an unfortunate event a little bit better. I'd highly recommend these guys to anyone


I placed the call and was told that the driver, Ron Davis (#19), would be there in 90 minutes. He made it within an hour and was so amazing and super-patient. The car would not start, would not shift into neutral, and was not accessible to the flatbed truck. After an hour of failed attempts, we were able to get the car into position and loaded onto the truck. Hooray! Will definitely use Silverdale Towing again, should the need arise. Thank you so much for the excellent service!


Our car was dead in the driveway with the key stuck in the ignition. Ron driver #19 showed up to take it to the dealerships. He was very kind, and was very patient with the situation. He was able to get the car loaded and secured quickly. Upon arrival to the dealership Ron even gave me a call letting me know the car was there, and the service department had a idea what may be the issue. I felt very comfortable with Silverdale Towing transporting the vehicle. I highly recommend them, and will be using them in the future.


Excellent service and very convenient that they are based at an auto repair shop. I had a very pleasant experience with the driver and no problem changing my towing destination when plans changed. Would definitely recommend them.


Can't praise Silverdale Towing enough. Even though they were an out of service provider for my insurance, they came through on a Sunday when no other in my area could. I was able to send pics of my situation so they could assess the need. When they said they could help, a driver was dispatched while I was still on the phone giving my info. Elijah #15 and Scott #3 where there lightning quick and provided excellent customer service. Elijah took charge and explained everything that was needing to happen and executed his plan flawlessly. Would have taken others hours to accomplish but, through Elijah's experience and teamwork took only 1hr. Great work Silverdale Towing, I will be asking my insurance to add you guys to their network and sharing my experience with others. Satisfied Customer, Chris